DC10 is stamped firmly into the history books of dance music culture. This small farmhouse at the end of the airport runway has become one of the best known clubbing destinations on the planet, principally due to the hedonistic sessions of Monday party Circo Loco.



Circoloco, aka crazy circus, was initiated by 2 Italians in 1999, Andrea and Antonio Pelino, organizing all day underground house techno after-parties back in the days in a former airport hangar right at the corner of the runway of the airport of Ibiza regularly every Monday. Since then it has raised in popularity so much even the world famous DJs sometimes spin the decks free of charge just because it’s a legendary DC10 party.

Comparing to other parties or clubs it still does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know and there for one reason: the music! DC10’s success is ultimately thanks to a devotion to providing solid, quality underground electronic music.




The club has 2 dance floors and a terrace welcoming line ups such as: Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Josh Wink, Tania Vulcano, Matt John, Fabrizio, Mirko,  Lazy Fat People, Matthew Dear, Dady Jack, Matthias Tanzmann, Magda, Davide Squillace, Dinky and Timo Maas and more.

Be prepared for the most mixed crowd, from fancy dress to costumes and general silly fun and games, a really deep beats and the wildest atmosphere on the island! The motto is clear: Expect the unexpected, welcome to the crazy circus!



No VIP tables here, but even better: a VIP access to the DJ booth area, contact Bonder & Co and get your VIP bracelet.



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