We keep in getting the question, Is it still you guys? YES

We like you, we want to take care of you and that why we are going to tell you more about our projects.

1). Why have you re branded?

After 7 years of Experience we decided it was the right time to take it further and offer new destinations. We launched the 15 December with Barcelona and Mallorca. More yet to come…

2). Who is Bonder & Co?

As some of you may know Ibiza Solutions was founded by Paloma Bonder former fashion designer. She was born in Ibiza, raised in Mallorca, studied in Barcelona, lived in London and New York. Later she came back home to rediscover her island and create a new concept, Ibiza Solutions. After a lot of thinking she decided that it was time to re brand due to fact that the name of Ibiza Solutions was not appropriate when offering Mallorca, Barcelona among others. ” I was looking for a name/brand that could take over an entire universe of unlimited experiences, and Co is all my esteemed clients, my wonderful owners and of course my attentive team, who look after your every need”. So yes Paloma Bonder is still “In Charge”.

3). Will I get the same service?

Yes, same service, same little details which we know our clients love. Our luxury guide with all the best well kept secrets, top recommendations, best villas in Ibiza, Mallorca and Barcelona.

4). Will we still have the same people taking care of us?

Yes, same people, same service. At Bonder & Co we have respected and taken care that our clients only get more!

5). What´s next?

Endless amount of surprises will soon come…but the next stop will be a Luxury Spa Collection.


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