Family of Bonder & Co , a luxury villa rental, concierge and events company based in Ibiza with 9 yearlong experience on the market, is constantly bringing to you new experiences, making your dreams come true

The impressive attention to detail, sheer focus and professionalism is what has propelled their business into the drivers seat in the luxury lifestyle providers. Working only with the best products, staff and upper class suppliers in each destination, such as first class properties collection, partners such as Moët & Chandon, American Express, A Small World, Belvedere Vodka and many more, Bonder & Co deliver continuously an exquisite premium service.

Successfully, the company is constantly growing with fresh concepts of turning a much-anticipated holiday into a luxury experience of a lifetime and so achieving well-deserved 90% return rate of its clientele.

If you’re intrigued we invite you to become a part of Bonder & Co family, just say a word and enter our world of endless possibilities and beautiful creations. Your moment is now!



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