Bonder & Co has picked the most astonishing and the best beaches of the White Island that you will fell in love with. Take a look at our ultimate guide to the crème de la crème of the Ibizan shores – the best Ibiza beaches.

The Most Beautiful Ibiza Beaches


The island welcomes you to try a great number of magnificent beaches boasting with azure waters and white sands, here we have picked a few that are simply astonishing in their beauty.

Aguas Blancas

A gently sloping beach providing amazing natural panoramic scenery and simply stunning turquoise waters to impress every eye. Located a bit on the North and thanks to its wide size you won’t find the beach as crowded as the ones on the south.

Las Salinas

One of the most iconic Ibiza beaches expanses long its soft golden sand and pine forests. The sea is spectacularly crystal clear and the sand oh so fine. Moreover there are plenty of chiringuitos for you to refresh and maybe to dance a little.

Cala Xarraca

It is only a small beach but it is for sure a beautiful one and a heaven for underwater lovers offering excellent scuba diving conditions.

Cala Conta

A very cool thing about this beach is that there are three beaches in one here, so you can change in and try out more in a day. Rent a pedalo here or you swim out to the offshore when you’re tired of lounging. Just one thing: they might get a bit busy in the summer.

Cala d’Hort

A part of a National Park, created to safeguard it against tourist development, what is completely understandable when you see it. Thanks to good souls who have preserved this spot, many of us can enjoy the breath-taking views of Es Vedra and its blue waters and fine sand.

Cala Bassa

This beach gets pretty busy in high season, but it has to be on the list as it is not only a beauty, but has the added attraction of rock pools and the possibility of chilling in the shade of the small trees that back the beach.

Ibiza Beaches Perfect for Kids


The white island has many beautiful beaches and bays. However, not all are suitable for children. So you can relax in the sun while your kids are safely playing in the crystal blue waters visit these.

Cala Conta

A fantastic beach with clear blue waters that are not very deep, where children can safely play. It is also a beautiful place where to see the sunset with your family together.

Cala Nova

Thos beach has wonderful surroundings of pine trees and your children can safely play by the sea or in the water because there are lifeguards that will watch over your little ones.  


The city beach, located in the Ibiza Town with great view across the sea horizon and long and easy access to the water. There are also few restaurants worth to visit, such as The Harbour Club. 

Playa d’en Bossa

One of the most well-known beaches of Ibiza is perfect for families with kids as there is so much to do and so much to see, plus a big asset is that there are lifeguards watching your kids. 

Las Salinas

One of the favorite beaches in Ibiza, it is a great place to relax with your family. It is a long sandy beach with a great sea access and life guards taking care of your kids safety. Moreover there is a venue having a great child’s corner: El Chiringuito de Es Cavallet.

Cala Bassa

It is one big playground! Little pools of water everywhere, the blue water is crystal clear the place offers a fantastic view. A perfect destination for a relaxing day with your family.

Cala Llenya

Cala Leña is a beautiful beach and sue to the soft sloping of the seabed it makes it a perfectly easy for little children to enter the water. Moreover it is a fantastic BBQ spot and a lot of families are having one on their lazy Sundays there. 

Ibiza Secret Beaches


The White Island has its secrets too. Hidden among the rocks and shores, perfect untouched hideaways await yet to be discovered and admired. Take a look at few that are deserted land of peace and beauty.

Cala Llentrisca

It is a slim stretch of beach that can be enjoyed in full sunshine until late in the afternoon and will often be deserted. The waters here are so blue that they colour the sand and sea grass with a subtle fluorescence.

Cala Tarida

Hidden among the cliffs and rocks, a bit away from the sprawling tourist crowd in the centre of Cala Tarida, there are several tiny little coves, one of which can be enjoyed only by those willing to get their feet wet. These beaches are though picture-postcard locations!

Es Portitxol

A perfect teardrop-shaped beach, dramatically sliced from the cliff to form a natural harbour of azure water. Reaching this this tiny stretch of protected shoreline is rather thrilling by descending a rickety path, but the finish line is worth it.

Cala Llentia

The slightly tricky access will lead you to the place to escape the madness as known to few locals. The uninhabited island of Es Vedrà is framed behind the cliffs that overhang this small bay.


This place is neither a creek, not a beach, but is simply so unique and magical that we had to include it in our list. Much of the magic is due to the rock formations caused by man as a place of worship. The cuts to the rock of a cave half way down to the sea, have created voids under the sea level, which are filled with water and the waves are incredible natural pools.There are areas with sandy bottom that show the clear blue waters of the place. It is a truly beautiful place although quite difficult to access.

Cala Llarga

The most southerly beach on Ibiza, and one of the most perfectly formed. A deep pebbled area links the shoreline to the woodland of,  stretching out behind you while you enjoy the views.

Ibiza Sunset Beaches


Although the sun sets in Ibiza are to be enjoyed everywhere, there are few spectacular spots, which you cannot say no to as the view of sun kissing the horizon far far away is almost unbelievable.

Cala Conta

One of the most famous sunset locations, home to a sunset beach club Sunset Ashram. The views here are amazing, be prepared for amazing red sky when the sun sets down and don’t worry about clouds, the color palette gets even more interesting.

Sillot d’es Rencli

In the North of Ibiza you will find a little bay where red rocks surrounding the bay are sun kissed buy the setting sun what offers a stunning view. Even though you won’t see the horizon sunset, the colors are still magnificent.

Calla Benirass

Pretty cool beach with live music of drummers coming to the beach to drum the sun down. Here you can get that feeling of a hippy spirit dancing to their rythm or have a lovely sunset dinner in nearby beach club.

Punta Gallera

We admit, the access is not easy as there are no sign along the road. There is no sand to lie down, just huge plates of rock piled one upon the other, it is a very unique place certainly offering one of the most striking sunset snapshots.

Cala D´Hort

Impressive cliff facing the islets of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell, it is certainly one of the most striking places to watch the sunset either staying up high, lying down on the warm sand or in the nearby restaurants on its terrace.

Cap d’Es Falcó

Another beautiful sunset spot is at a totally secluded venue Experimental, which is great also by the way, and offers wonderful views at sun setting down behind the Ibizan coastline. Pebbled beach, sun beds and very yummy drinks!

Ibiza hides in her shores much more beaches, take a look at our full list of Ibizan gems in our Beach Guide.

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