Ibiza is so famous for stunning properties, world known DJs and exclusive beach clubs with delicious salads. But it’s also about cocktails!

Ok we’re not in of the Mecca of cocktail making, but there are some places you should definitely try if you’re the cocktail lover. Moreover you’ll get served by the best bartenders on the island!

Bonder & Co made a quick tour around the island, tried the crème de la crème and picked the very few you can’t miss. Not only we’ll present each day a new place, we’ll also bring an interview with ‘THE’ man behind the bar. These guys will shift your Ibiza experience into a different level, trust us! So are you interested where are the best cocktails in Ibiza?



Secondly Bonder & Co drove to the South and stopped by Experimental Beach Ibiza where we know for sure good cocktails are part of the “experimental” experience. Besides the gorgeous view, cozy sun beds and deliciously smelling sea food spaghetti, you can choose ONLY from signature cocktails with very interesting combinations.

Each of them is just good enough to put you in the holiday mood and cold you down in that heat.

The venue is perfect in every part of a day, either chilling on the sun and  sipping your drink; enjoying sunset dinner or listening to live music later in the evening, you’ll have a nice time for sure.

Ladies will appreciate not only chic boutique inside the beach club but also cute winking staff in nice navy outfits all around. We talked to one of the best bartenders for you, charming French Inko in this case. Here you have the interview:

1. When did you start bartending?

More or less 6 years ago.

2. Where have you worked at?

Paris and London (they are sooo different from Ibiza!)

3. In your opinion what qualities make a really great bar?

Atmosphere for sure. Quality drinks, good music, decoration and nice staff of course.

4. Which celebrities have you made drinks for?

Many French and English celebrities, but I prefer to keep it as a secret, I don’t kiss and tell.

5. How does the Ibiza bar scene compare to other cities?

It surely isn’t the same as other cities. But you can feel and see the influence from outside, it’s changing and improving. Ibiza was all about getting the big bottle table service and not enjoying cocktails, but as we serve more international customers, everything’s shifting and the demand for good quality drinks is rising.

6. Which drink would you say represents Ibiza the best?


7. What is your specialty?

I’ve changed a scene a lot. Before I used to work in busy bars. Now I’m getting used to laid back Ibizan atmosphere, which is definitely different but nice also.

8. What do you love the most about being a bartender?

Creativity. You are able to mix and try different flavors, tastes and ingredients and every drink can be special! Then of course I love the lifestyle: parties, meeting people, having fun with customers, flirting with cute girls… What’s there not to love?

9. Any recent drinking trends that surprise you?

Hmm… I don’t think so…

10. What do you think makes a good bartender?

Being nice to people. I try to be humble, learn about my profession as much as I can and being acknowledged about alcohol, drinks and so on. But actually it’s about finding your own bartender. We should be able to impersonate a person your customer wants you to be. Some prefer bartenders who will teach them about different uses of certain types of alcohol, some prefer to talk their souls out and some just want to have a fun time with a party bartender. We’re here to make your time worth after all!

Thank you for your time Inko!

Definitely go and try laid back atmosphere in Experimental Beach Ibiza and don’t forget to order one of their signature cocktails!

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