Ibiza is so famous for stunning properties, world known DJs and exclusive beach clubs with delicious salads. But it’s also about cocktails!

Ok we’re not in of the Mecca of cocktail making, but there are some places you should definitely try if you’re the cocktail lover. Moreover you’ll get served by the best bartenders on the island!

Bonder & Co made a quick tour around the island, tried the crème de la crème and picked the very few you can’t miss. Not only we’ll present each day a new place, we’ll also bring an interview with ‘THE’ man behind the bar. These guys will shift your Ibiza experience into a different level, trust us! So are you interested where are the best cocktails in Ibiza?


Today we’re here with a lovely shabby chic place Clandestino situated in Ibiza Town led by charming young couple, PierPaolo and his wife Sabrina. The energy there is so friendly you’ll feel like you’ve known everyone for a long time. The couple met in London and since then they’ve shared a dream of opening their own place together one day. Both came to Ibiza in 2006, worked for El Chiringuito de Es Cavallet for instance and after few years decided to open their own place.

Their menu consists of delicious appetizers, creative main dishes and what’s best: customized cocktails!

A true uniqueness in this restaurant/bar is not having a proper drink list where you can choose typical cocktails we know. Of course you can ask for classics, but live a little and talk to the bartender instead! PierPaolo will ask you what you like the most and mix you a drink you won’t forget! Really, we must say that out of five drink requests with very vague clues, 5 of them matched our picky tastes 100%! While he was playing with ingredients, Bonder & Co took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

Here you have an exclusive interview with PierPaolo, the owner and the best bartender:

1. When did you start bartending?
When I was 21, in London.

2. Where have you worked at?
In London I went to LAB (London Academy of Bartenders), worked in Soho House with amazing bartenders, met a lot of interesting people and learn more about the art of mixology.

3. In your opinion what qualities make a really great bar?
Bartenders! They make the bars different from each other. But also products, comfort and how the place looks. The overall hospitality I would say. It’s not about selling to people, but make them feel good at the place.

4. How does the Ibiza bar scene compare to other cities?
It’s getting better each year! Still you can’t compare it to big cities in terms of cocktail making, but it’s slowly getting there. I remember when I came in the past, there wasn’t much and now we have here more bars, more products to choose from and bartenders flying in from all around the world. Also the quality of life is different and so inviting for this kind of business.

5. Which celebrities have you made drinks for?
Kate Moss for instance, celebrating her anniversary in Clandestino.

6. Which drink would you say represents Ibiza the best?
It really depends on the customer.. And Ibiza is a mixture of different people.

7. What is your specialty?
I love to play with seasonal products and try out new ingredients. Still I love classics, but changes make me feel challenged and I really need to create.

8. What do you love the most about being a bartender?
Every little thing! The contact with people, making them smile and feel good. I love the fact that I can be a part of their life even just for a little while.

9. Any recent drinking trends that surprise you?
Since we have no cocktail menu, nothing surprises me!

10. What do you think makes a good bartender?
Personality! You have to learn how to keep your private life outside the bar and focus only on customers. We need to make them feel good and special. It’s our job to make every single one of them feel special. And who doesn’t like that?!

Thank you PierPaolo for your time!

Want to see our experience in Clandestino? Look at the pictures bellow:

When visiting Ibiza, stop by this uprising cool place in Ibiza town is a must. See you all in Clandestino!

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