When you think about Ibiza, you can’t forget stunning properties with that certain something, that also makes the White Isle so special and unique.

Each year there are more and more gorgeous villas and mansions growing around the island. And each time they’re able to surprise even the most critical eye. To understand better what exactly stands behind the architecture and design, we’ve asked the BEST architects Ibiza. Read the interview bellow!


Today we have here ROLF BLACKSTAD!


best architects ibiza


best architects ibiza best architects ibiza

1. What do you think are the biggest influences on architecture & design in houses in Ibiza?

Most architectural design now  follows a global trend . In our case we base our designs on the traditional architecture of the island  and adapt it to modern needs and living requirements , and of course the clients wishes.

2. Have you seen a lot of changes in architecture, design and taste in Ibiza over the years?

Yes , the design of houses on the island have changed significantly over the decades , lasting an average of 10 years or so before moving on. The 80s was a Mediterranean rustic , the 90s were very influenced by Morocco , since then most houses have been minimalist, and now we see an increase of  modern rustic with an edge in the countryside.

3. What inspires you?

Innovation , without loosing site of our origins.

4. How do you see the future of architecture & design in Ibiza

I believe that the future for development on the island will be refurbishing existing buildings , as land is a limited resource.

5. Tell us about some of your visually favourite places in Ibiza and why!

Hidden corners in the countryside , and the north cost.

best architects ibiza

best architects ibiza

Thank you Rolf for your time! If you would like to explore Rolf’s work, take a look at his site here.

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