When you think about Ibiza, you can’t forget stunning properties with that certain something, that also makes the White Isle so special and unique.

Each year there are more and more gorgeous villas and mansions growing around the island. And each time they’re able to surprise even the most critical eye. To understand better what exactly stands behind the architecture and design, we’ve asked the BEST architects Ibiza. Read the interview bellow!

Today we’ve interviewed Maria Carreño!

1. What do you think it’s the biggest influence on architecture & design in houses in Ibiza?

M.C.: Definitely contemporary concept of image with mixture of  original architecture! Simplicity, concrete walls, aboriginal touches even and cubes of different sizes joint into a house.

2. Have you seen a lot of changes in architecture, design and taste in Ibiza over the years?

M.C.: As we have more and more foreign clients and increase in high class tourism, the houses are becoming more interesting and more expensive in production. It used to be all the same for years and suddenly everything has been renovated and changed so quickly.

3. What is your own inspiration?

M.C.: I’d like to keep with traditions and origin as much as possible. I don’t like to use new things and materials when you try to reflect the real Ibicencan spirit, because at the end it just doesn’t work and looks fake. I prefer pure image, good materials and volumetric composition.

4. How do you see the future of architecture & design in Ibiza?

M.C.: I see two movements here. On one side we have these high expectations as it is a luxury destination and on the other, there’s a domestic pressure on original architecture.  I think it will resolve in face-lifting of the whole island. Houses and buildings will be more protected by government, but renovated, having a fresh face. Design should bring less wow factor and more truth.

5. Tell us about some of your visually favourite places in Ibiza and why!

M.C.: Las Salinas!:) No, in terms of my work and inspiration, I love Ibiza’s countryside, the red land, green mountains, stone walls and surrounding nature.

Thanks Maria for your time! If you would like to explore Maria’s work, take a look at her site here.

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