Vacations are for you to enjoy deserved free time and relax. Still we want to look good when heading to hot beach spots and popular venues. Most of you do all the last minute pre-holiday beauty treatments at home, to come just ready and beautiful. But when you have the luxury of a longer stay or a need for a change after two days, there’s nothing better than to be pampered by professional hands while sipping mojito on your terrace.



Indulge into the heaven-like holiday with manicure and pedicure for instance. Imagine all day having a great time at the beach and even though the sand in Ibiza is truly fine, your nail polish might get damaged and your manicure or pedicure will need a bit of correction. Get a new and shiny look, with hundreds of color options with brands of the highest quality assuring endurance for couple of weeks.


Another great thing is to award your hair exposed to strong sun rays and salty water with rich protective creams and give them a light cut to bring them alive. You’ll see your curls will thank you later.


Some are professionals in DIY, but many of us would appreciate a bit of help.  Especially when professional make up artists know exactly what suits every skin color, every eye shape and how to highlight the beauty of each face. Even more comfortable thing is, that they’ll bring everything with them and leave us with the fresh and hot look for either the night out or specific event such as wedding.


Beauty treatments are not only for women, men deserve some pampering as well! Nowadays it is nothing unusual when men think about their looks, on the contrary it is attractive to the point when they start borrowing our make-up bag. But after all everyone prefers to be touched by beautiful, clean and fresh hands, am I right?  And the same applies to legs, no neglected feet are allowed on summer holidays!


beauty treatments ibiza


So give yourself a boost and get spoiled with some of the beauty treatments. Think about your busy daily life back home and the thought of a time to enjoy yourself and everything you like without any regrets, will make you feel good for sure. When you allow yourselves relish all the things you don’t have time to do at home, your vacation will reach another level. And you’ll never forget this amazing feeling.

For any Beauty Treatments Ibiza contact Bonder &  Co, we know the best professionals working on the island!


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