Best gourmet and fine dining restaurants in Ibiza: recommended by expert insider Paloma Bonder, director of luxury travel website Ibiza Solutions.

What are your recommendations for the best gourmet restaurants in Ibiza and why?

Ibiza is a small paradise but it has an amazing culinary offering from the most basic to the most galmorous. I can highly recommend these restaurants for fine dining:


This is a very unique countryside restaurant located in San Juan (north of the island), where you get home made bread and organic salads which they grow in their back garden.

You will find yourself surrounded by big pots of flowers and orange trees while you can enjoy an acai & blueberry smoothie and a fantastic Sabich (egg plant paste with hummus)

This is French bistro in the heart of Ibiza Town, close to the old town. The owner is a French chef and she a refined Parisian who always has a smile in her face; she can recommend you the best wines for your choice of food.

It‘s very small and very French; in the back they play Edith Paif and it‘s full of the posh – bohemian crowd that visits the White Island (that‘s the original name of Ibiza).


This is a must and if you come with kids its an excellent choice. Great food, funky crowd, full of celebs, feet on sand and an oyster man who comes around as if you were in the south of France.

There‘s a big sofa where you can chill and have a bottle of rosé while your kids are at the kids club getting some face painting. It‘s a top location and just 10min from town.


You can‘t come to ibiza and not visit Lio, which has the same owners as Pacha. Located near the marina, this is a restaurant-cabaret on the rocks overlooking the harbour which at night is a real selling point.

At Lio, you‘ll see the most good looking  people that come to the island, lots of high heels and designer gear!

It has an incredible wine list, possibly one of the highest class menus in the island and in between the sea and the floodlit harbour, there are trapeze, cabarte, and classical ballet performances. Just top!

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