All the duties and appointments…a very hectic life! Many times you don’t even have time to eat properly. Your body is filled with toxins and cannot work properly. Think about it, your body is an instrument, it’s a robot that does what you tells it to. If you eat junk food, eat too fast or not regurarly, you’re sending a very wrong message and the body has to work with wrong information, wrong nutrients, wrong toxins. And who wants this? NOBODY!

At Bonder & Co we love to offer you a an “Antioxidant Detox Week” a program specially designed from 3-5 days for a pure detox.

This program is based in a Detoxification Massage, Rebalancing massage, Lymphatic massage, Foot reflexology, fresh Detox juices and Tea´s. It will help your body to get back the lost balance, find it’s own way back to healthy lifestyle and work properly again. Give to your body and so to yourself a chance!

Ready for this program?  Get yours here.

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