“It is a special island that is growing and developing organically. Here we are the educators, the music lobby…bringing quality people and clients to the island” – Yann Pissenem

Ushuaïa enjoyed some phenomenal success since first officially opening in 2011. What have been some of your top highlights to date?

Every opening party has been a highlight! But undoubtedly, in the first year, our first Luciano´s opening party  was absolutely incredible. Signing the Swedish House Mafia was massive. Getting those guys involved, especially as it was out first year gave us such an edge.

Our alliance with the Matutes Group just meant that we could go for it – and we did!

Oh yeah! And definitely the F*** Me I’m Famous Closing Party 2012 with David Guetta & Friends, my brother bringing the girl suspended from the balloons…it was awesome.

Signing Avicii to be Resident DJ in the second year – again, amazing.

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During this last year, how have you been preparing to enter the 2013 Summer Season?

We have never stopped working. No holidays…in fact, I remember last September (right in the middle of all the craziness), I was taking flights to London to start the bookings for this season. It is a lot of work but we love to do it, to meet and book different artists for this summer. It has been work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Especially, in the Summer you could say I am a workaholic but, I live for this, work is my life.

What can people expect from Ushuaïa this Summer?

Of course new this year we have ‘The Tower’ to stay in and fully experience all that Ushuaïa has to offer. We hope to attract quality people with our new 7-day line-up, which is strong and includes the likes of Luciano, Loco Dice, David Guetta, Avicii, Reboot, Sven Väth, Sasha, Pete Tong, Carl Cox and Ants our new underground rave party.

We also have prepared a huge and amazing production which will change each day with impressive wow effects and a show focusing on the art itself and quality music. I have some surprises too…and some amazing stuff to share.


In your opinion, what sets Ibiza apart from so many other Summer destinations?

It is a special island that is growing and developing organically. Here we are the educators, the music lobby…the centre of the world, bringing quality people and clients to the island. Ibiza definitely has a special feel and attraction that is incompatible to the rest.

Ibiza is a magical place with a special energy that you could not find anywhere else. When you land here you feel something special and most of the poeple fall in love.

A BIG thank you to Yann & his Team from all at Bonder & Co

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