“We go to extraordinary lengths to find that fairy dust to create that magic – just for one day” – Helene Schramek (Event Manager at Bonder & Co)

1. How do you ensure that each party is original and unique…with that wow-factor?

We develop a very unique package in line with the clients requirements and specific to the childs’ vision. We use our creativity to completely transform the villa into a kids paradise with the help of our exclusive suppliers for lighting, amazing visuals and party structures.

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Villa Amano

2. A child’s birthday is a super important day not just in their lives, but a day to celebrate with all friends and family! How do cater to ensure that everyone enjoys the day?

Parents for one – can relax. All the arrangements are taken care of (it is out of their hands, so-to-speak) as the most important thing for them, is to see their kids happy and having a good time.The result is a fabulous day to be enjoyed with friends and family members in the Ibiza sun, stress-free, whilst enjoying 5* catering.

Ibiza Birthday's, Ibiza Events, Ibiza Catering

Bonder & Co are working with the Ibiza’s No.1 Luxury Cake Designer

3. A parent will always want the best for their child. How does Bonder & Co demonstrate that they can deliver “the best”?

We put 100% effort into working closely with the client and feel that order to plan a family day you have develop a more of a personal relationship with the clients in question. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver “the best” with help from great contacts, connections, our clients come back to us every year.

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A “perfect” day…

4. Why choose Bonder & Co to organise this special day?

The team is experienced and international, each member adding their unique personalities, passion and abilities into creating the “perfect” day. With an open mind and always thinking outside the box, we go to extraordinary lengths to find that fairy dust to create that magic – just for one day.

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