The smallest of the Balearic Island, Formentera

Sandy and the most impressive virgin beaches, calm water and delightful fresh Mediterranean cuisine a la carte are Formentera. The smallest of the Balearic Island and home of most bohemian chic celebrities is the hidden gem of this paradise.

Formentera is easily reachable with a brief boat trip from the nearby Ibiza for those who search for nature and great tranquility. Ideal and romantic with possibly one of the most spectacular lighthouses at the north of the island  “La Mola” that will blow your mind away while you feel time never passed by.

If you like to discover luxury, its heading its limestone cliffs plunge into the sea while at Bonder & Co we will organize lavender, rosemary figs, cod and salt with one of our Chefs with seriously modern flair.

Be ready, relax and join.