Concierge Services

Infinite Possibilities

Concierge Services - Infinite Possibilities

Considered one of the main business centres and a visual delight, Barcelona is known for presenting inventive culinary settings. At Bonder and Co we cherish your precious time and guide you only through the ´creme de la creme´according to your personal preference.

Our concierge services reach beyond planning your trip from door-to-door, we are here to satisfy the most difficult requests and desires you posses. Private concert on your roof, luxury spa resort relaxation just for you and your friends or family, personal yoga class in the living room, VIP access to the most fashionable locations in the city without waiting or maybe you need a personal assistant taking care of your business time, or you want a private cultural guide leading you through the exclusivity of the city Barcelona. For the team at Bonder & Co this is just the beginning.